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About us

About us

It was in 1976 when I left the Faculty of Commerce in my country and travelled to the former Soviet Union and Russian Federation now at the request of my father, may God have mercy on him, who wished to become a medical doctor.

I achieved my father's wish at the time and received a master's degree in neurology and worked for a specialist for a short period of reason and this was my trip to Singapore, which changed the course of my life to the direction I dreamed of since childhood.

I have worked in international trade in several companies as a general manager in Singapore, Russia, and Dubai because I speak three languages ​​and have a strong experience in driving the computer.

My most important hobbies are football, swimming, fishing, music and travelling. I visited twenty-nine Arab, Asian and European countries and I often took my parent and family with me.

About a year ago, I decided to work on the Internet, a kind of business as long as it makes a big profit. So I decided to start by writing a blog about the most famous Rolex Swiss watches.
My blog, named  " Rolexwatc7", talks about when it first appeared, about its designer and its different models, including over $ 1 million watches.

I hope you like my blog and sometimes visit it.